Monday, 9 October 2017

Shoes, no longer just fitness accessories but fashion statements!

So you thought walking/gym /sports shoes & footwear are good to play in, but as fashion statements, nah not really? Well here’s some info to pop open your eyes in surprise. 

Still think shoes are only meant to protect and reenergize feet as you play or workout? That till now, were mainly plain pieces with just the mark of the maker? That is really engineering marvels with suspensions and what not and not really fashion high wear?

Ah, now, they’re decorated in rhinestones, embellished with Swarovsky crystals, spun into beauty with embroidery and gold zippers to celebrate a basketball legend, and, made stunningly outlandish with new age design that can be called pop art more than a shoe!

The fun part is that companies making these shoes are the same ones making ‘the-height-of-comfort’ sports/casual wear shoes. Yes, the guys who gave you Crocs, the Nikes and Reeboks and Adidas-es and Uggs are working with designers to bring make shoes catwalk stunners!

French High Fashion Street wear brand Vetements went at the Reebok shoe to come up with a sea blue deconstructed pump shoe that would be comfortable walking the ramp in Paris and Milan!

Ugg teamed with designer Jeremy Scott to create a cool ‘hang-in-there’ brown suede shoes.

Nike Air and Swarovsky teamed up create a sparkler with almost 55690 crystals sown into the upper!
British designer Chris Kane transformed a Croc Swiftwaters shoe, giving it rhinestones and crystals, into chic wear. Earlier he’d created the marble patterned clog for them!

And Nike’s LeBron sneakers sneak in a design whallop with embroidery and golden zippers!

Just playing shoes? These are shoes and other footwear you’d flaunt on catwalks and posh parties thrown by the rich and famous!

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