Thursday, 14 September 2017

Comfortable Ladies Footwear You Can Walk in All Day

When a woman is on her feet 3/4th of a day, she does not need just any footwear, she needs foot helpers!

Let’s face it, the average woman’s activities, especially if she’s juggling home and work, keeps her on her feet almost through her waking hours. If she’s on holiday, then too walking takes up majority of the activities. Now, when her mind is on love, care, work, play, fun and adventure, the feet cannot drag her down with blisters, aches and pains! That’s why choosing the right activity footwear for ladies is just so important. 

Things one must keep in mind when choosing an activity or a work based footwear
The sole is your first support: Choose a strong, sturdy cork or rubberized sole that will cushion your walk, and take the pressure off your ankle and knees. These sandals and slippers with strong soles will also grip the floor better thereby giving you a stronger lower back support too!

The foot bed should be soft and cushioned: The place where you rest your soles of your feet on must be soft and yet supportive of your stride. It must not be squishy as too let your feet sink into them nor flat and hard.

The slipper’s cushion bed must strengthen arches of the feet: Long hours of standing and walking can be a challenge to the arches of your feet. Just remember the center of your feet is where it arches. It’s specifically curved to bear load as beautifully as possible. To strengthen it, ensure your sandal or slipper does not have too many curves on the cushion bed. The slipper/sandal must not pinch your toes or forces your toes to stay in an upward position.

Soft uppers that hold and support foot: The slipper or sandal uppers must hold your foot firmly at the top. Strong toe holds add to stability. Or, firm straps across the foot spread the weight of the foot evenly and averts foot pain.

VKC slippers and sandals: where good, solid designs are paired with style and elegance!
Just because footwear has been designed for support does not make them plain looking! VKC offers women a range of slippers and sandals that are so aesthetically styled with pleasant colours and lovely shapes and are yet sheer heaven to wear.

The women chappals and sandals are available across our range, from VKC Pride to Stile to Trendz to Lite to Skalino! They’re available in a store very close to you, across India and the SE Countries or you can get on to any internet fashion superstore and order your ‘pleasure to wear’ VKC online.

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